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The business environment in which we operate in is ever changing and typically involves diverse groups of stakeholders, together with contributions from service providers, suppliers and other third-party organisations. At any point throughout the business lifecycle, there will be events or situations that may affect the development, delivery of outputs, realisation of expected benefits or the achievement of desired outcomes. These events or situations are the risks and issues the business has to manage as they will have an effect on the achievement of your objectives.


Company X Consulting risk management consultants' approach to risk management is derived from, and consistent with, your organisational standards and corporate governance aligned to the organisation's internal controls. Adherence to the principles for the Management of Risk (MoR) enables organisations to tailor their risk management practices to meet their specific needs.


Our risk management services include:


• Appreciation of business risk appetite
• Assessment
• Estimation
• Evaluation
• Identification
• Governance
• Holistic risk transparency with all stakeholders
• Instil a practiced risk culture