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We believe that confidence in your digital future is essential to the growth of your organisation. It means being aware of your cyber security risks while embracing opportunities for growth; and being able to assess which threats could affect your business goals and having the agility to deal with them as they arise.


The UK Government named Cyber Security as a tier 1 threat to national security in its 2010 National Security Strategy. Since then there have been several initiatives launched by the UK and other nations to help businesses prepare for and respond to cyber risk. Initiatives include:


• UK FTSE 350 Cyber Governance Health Check (Department for Business Innovation & Skills)
• UK 10 Steps to Cyber Security (Produced by CESG, BIS, and CPNI)
• European Technical Guideline on Minimum Security Measures (ENISA)
• US Cybersecurity Framework (NIST)
•US National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (lead by NIST)


The 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey found that the average cost of breaches has risen in the past year. EU data protection is also set for an overhaul; on 12 March the European Parliament supported proposals for a new EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation.


In the UK the Information Commissioners Office is currently able to impose fines of up to £500k to businesses and organisations found to have perpetrated serious breaches of data protection and privacy. Indeed, in 2013 the ICO fined 14 organisations over £1.5m.


The point is that Cyber Risk is here to stay. The Cyber threat landscape is changing. Therefore, Cyber Security needs to be on the board agenda and Cyber Risk should be managed as a whole-of-business risk. We can't eliminate the threat. However, CXC Ltd has the people to help transform organisations so that those threats are addressed and monitored at the appropriate levels. By managing the cyber threat better and moving an organisation from being an easy target, many attacks can be avoided or addressed before they occur.